463 North East Rd, Hillcrest

Our Range

Meat pies Stockman chunky pie Cornish pastie Tuna & Corn Pie
Pasty Vegetable pasty Sausage roll Kransky – Cheese
Gourmet Chicken Sausage Roll Fetta Cheese & Spinach Roll Chicken & Vegetable Pie Kransky – Chilli
Beef & Mushroom Pie Curry Pie Outback Pie
Egg & Bacon Pie Potato Pie Pepper Pie
Pastries Family
Large Meat Pies Potato & Meat Pie Chicken Pie Large Quiche Vegetarian
Pasty Slice Pasty Slice Vegetable Med Quiche Lorraine
Med Quiche Vegetarian Med Quiche Fetta Cheese & Spinach Large Quiche Lorraine
Pastries Cocktail
Cocktail Meat Pies Cocktail Cornish Pasty Cocktail Pasty Cocktail Quiche Vegetarian
Cocktail Vegetable Pasty Cocktail Sausage Roll Cocktail Quiche Lorraine

Pea and Ham Soup


Pumpkin soup

Fruit salad

Sandwich Loaves


Wholemeal Grain

Assorted Donuts
Mini Donuts
Berliner – Custard
Berliner – Jam
Honey Stick
Custard Tart
Mini Mud Cake
Banbury Leaf
Cousin Jack Slice
Hedgehog Slice
BeeSting Slice
Creamed Lamington
Butterfly Cake
Cup Cake
Match Stick
Chocolate Eclair
Assorted Muffins
Apple Slice
Apple Crumble Slice
Apricot Slice
Apricot Crumble Slice
Vanilla Slice
Apple Turnover
Apricot Turnover
Assorted Danish
Assorted Yeast
Large Cakes

Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Cake

Carrot & Walnut Cake

Sultana Cake

Banana Cake

Chocolate Lamington Round

Strawberry Lamington Round


Pastry Platter – Assorted Cocktails (Hot or Cold)

Platter of Mixed Sandwiches

Platter of Mixed baguettes

Platter of Wraps

Dip Platter

Roast Chicken Platter

Continental Meat Platter

Platter of Assorted Cakes

Platter of Cake Slices

Platter of Fresh Fruit